The Noble Women of Antiquity.
The mother of Cleomenes Who willingly went a hostage to Egypt in exchange for aid to her son Cleomenes in his reforms of the Spartan polity saying: "Make haste and put me on shipboard, and send this carcass where it may be most serviceable to Sparta, before age destroys it unprofitably here." [Life of Cleomenes, 22].
Cleopatra Plutarch tells us that Cleopatra "...first captivated Caesar [Life of Caesar, 49] by her bold wit, and afterwards overcame him by the charm of her society."
Cornelia [1] Mother of the Gracchi who as matron and widow was beyond reproach. To her sons natural talents she added an education that made them first among the Romans [Life of Tiberius Gracchus, 1] and urged Tiberius to action [T. Gracchus, 8] for the good of the republic. As an example of republican virtue she is equal to any of Plutarch's men [Life of Caius Gracchus, 19]
    The people had a great veneration for Cornelia, not more for the sake of her father [Scipio Africanus Major] than for that of her children; and they afterwards erected a statue of brass in honor of her, with this inscription, Cornelia, the mother of the Gracchi. [C. Gracchus, 4]
Cornelia [2] Wife of Pompey [Life of Pompey, 55] and following.
Porcia On the eve of the plot to assassinate Julius Caesar, Porcia bids her husband Marcus Brutus [13] to confide in her, saying, "I am your wife, not just your bed-mate, I know you are about a business of the gravest importance, confide in me, I am as strong as any man, which I have proved by this self-inflicted wound, like unto the cuts of mortal battle --I can bear this great thing with you."

See also [Life of Marcus Brutus, 53] for the death of Porcia.

Roxanne According to Plutarch, Alexander [Life of Alexander, 47], for whom women in general held no allure, married the oriental princess Roxanne for love, not political alliance.
Volumnia She saves Rome, [Life of Coriolanus, 33-36] when she tells her son Coriolanus, who has gone over to fight for Rome's enemies, that to invade Rome he must first trample the dead body of his mother.