Great Historic Speeches

Pericles, Funeral Oration, 429 B.C.
Washington, Farewell Address, A.D. 1796.
Jefferson, Inaugural Address, A.D. 1801.
Webster, Argument before the U.S. Supreme Court in the Dartmouth College Case, A.D. 1818.
Webster, First Bunker Hill Oration, A.D. 1825.
Webster, The Constitution Not a Compact Between Sovereign States., A.D. 1833.
Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, A.D. 1863.
Lincoln, Second Inaugual Address, A.D. 1865.
Reagan, First Presidental Inaugural Address, A.D. 1981.
Reagan, Address to the Nation on the Economy, A.D. 1981.
Reagan, Comments on the Challenger Disaster (written by Peggy Noonan), A.D. 1986.
Reagan, "Tear Down This Wall" Speech (written by Peter Robinson), A.D. 1987.
Bush, September 11 Speech, A.D. 2001.