by Hilaire Belloc. Annotation of text copyright (c)2007 David Trumbull. All Rights Reserved.


by Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953)

I. The Revolution
II. The Youth of Danton
III. Danton at the Cordeliers
IV. The Fall of the Monarchy
V. The Republic
VI. The Terror
VII. The Death of Danton
VIII. Ropespierre


I. Note on the Cordeliers
II. Note on Certain Sties Mentioned in this Book
III. Note on the Supposed Venality of Danton
IV. Note on Danton's Responsibility for the Massacres of September
V. Short Memoir by A.R.C. de St. Albin
VI. Extracts Showing Reimbursements of Danton's Office
VII. Extracts Concerning Danton's Household
VIII. Catalogue of Danton's Library
IX. Extracts from the Memoir Written in 1846 by the Sons of Danton
X. Notes of Topino-Lebrun, Juror of the Revolutionary Tribunal
XI. Report of the First Committee of Public Safety