Apologia Pro Vita Sua, being a History of his Religious Opinions, by John Henry Cardinal Newman, Revised edition of 1865.
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John Henry Cardinal Newman (February 21, 1801-August 11, 1890) had been a priest in the Church of England and was a major figure in the Oxford Movement to restore the Anglican Church to its Catholic roots.

Newman was received into the Roman Catholic Church on October 9, 1845 and was ordained a priest in 1846

His Apologia was published in 1864 as a response to the charge (outlined by Newmen in this Preface) of untruthfulness, brought by Protestant Charles Kingsley in a article in a magazine. The text here presented is that of Newman's revised edition of 1865.

In 1879 Newman was elevated to Cardinal. On January 22, 1991 Newman was proclaimed Venerable by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

His beatification was officially proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI on 19 September 2010 during his visit to the United Kingdom.



Chapter 1: History of my Religious Opinions up to 1833

Chapter 2: History of my Religious Opinions from 1833 to 1839

Chapter 3: History of my Religious Opinions from 1839 to 1841

Chapter 4: History of my Religious Opinions from 1841 to 1845

Chapter 5: Position of my Mind since 1845


Note A. Liberalism

Note B. Ecclesiastical Miracles

Note C. Sermon on Wisdom and Innocence

Note D. Series of Saints' Lives of 1843-4

Note E. Anglican Church

Note F. The Economy

Note G. Lying and Equivocation


1. Chronological List of Letters and Papers quoted in this Narrative

2. List of the Author's Works

3. Letter to him from his Diocesan

4. Addresses from bodies of Clergy and Laity


Note 1, on page 12. Correspondence with Archbishop Whately in 1834

Note 2, on page 90. Extract of a Letter from the Rev. E. Smedley in 1828

Note 3, on page 185. Extract of a Letter of the Rev. Francis Faber about 1849

Note 4, on pages 194-196. The late Very Rev. Dr. Russell

Note 5, on page 232. Extract of a Letter from the Rev. John Keble in 1844

Note 6, on page 237. Extract from the Times concerning the Author's visit to Oxford in 1878

Note 7, on page 302. The oil of St. Walburga

Note 8, on page 323. Boniface of Canterbury